Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Famous Contemporary Artists - My Best Contemporary Artists

Hey there guys. I know there are a lot of people out there that are looking for contemporary artists. By seeking out and becoming a fan of contemporary art, your obsession can be more personal, since these artists are still alive, kicking and many are active online! Plus, you will still have the opportunity to seek out these artists online and attend their shows. With this in mind, I have put together a short list of some of the current famous contemporary artists. These are some of my favorite and by no means an attempt to put together a complete list.

Justyna Kopania

Justyna has become quite the sensation on the website. She is very popular on and is one of the site's best seller. Her nighttime paintings are definitely beautiful! I really like her Night painting, which was named the number one contemporary art piece on ArtistBe in 2012! Remember that the site sells prints, so if you wish to get your hands on one, you should definitely give them a visit. Also, if you like the Night painting, be sure to check out her Moon painting.

Alison Jardine

If you're looking for paintings that are a little more erratic and loose, you will definitely want to check out Alison Jardine. This contemporary artist, who is based out of Dallas, TX, creates some very stylish works of art that really show off beautiful colors! She knows how to use a mixture of complimentary colors and obviously isn't afraid of getting her hands dirty! Her latest painting "Venus Sleeping" is definitely a good example of this. The play on complimentary colors really helps to make the painting special.

best contemporary artists
J Melton Impressionist Art

J Melton

Now, this artist is likely much lesser known, but J is definitely one of the best contemporary artists in my own personal decision. If he manages to keep producing quality pieces, it is undoubtable that he will take the art market by storm. He has a few pieces that I like really well, including "Lake at Night", "Undergrowth with Tree", and "Landscape Tree and Poppies"! I also really like the Joanna Vanderham portrait, with the overly childish background. Finally, his hay bale paintings are very beautiful and true to the impressionist style, which I love so much. If you're looking for beautiful oil paintings of landscapes, I highly recommend checking out J Melton's art blog today!

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